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#!/usr/bin/env python
# ******************************************************************************
# Copyright 2024 Brainchip Holdings Ltd.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
# ******************************************************************************
Load VOC dataset

__all__ = ["get_voc_dataset"]

import os

import tensorflow as tf

    import tensorflow_datasets as tfds
except ImportError:
    tfds = None

from ..data_utils import get_dataset_length, remove_empty_objects

[docs]def get_voc_dataset(data_path, labels=["car", "person"], training=False): """ Loads voc dataset and builds a tf.dataset out of it. Args: data_path (str): path to the folder containing voc tar files labels (list[str], optional): list of labels of interest as strings. Defaults to ["car", "person"]. training (bool, optional): True to retrieve training data, False for validation. Defaults to False. Returns: tf.dataset, labels (list[str]), int: the requested dataset (train or validation), the list of labels and the dataset size. """ assert tfds is not None, "To load voc dataset, tensorflow-datasets module must\ be installed." write_dir = os.path.join(data_path, 'tfds') download_and_prepare_kwargs = { 'download_config': } tfrecords_path = os.path.join(write_dir, 'data', 'voc') if not os.path.exists(tfrecords_path): _check_zip_files(data_path) split = 'train+validation' if training else 'test' data_dir = os.path.join(write_dir, 'data') if training: (dataset12), infos = tfds.load("voc/2012", split=split, with_info=True, data_dir=data_dir, shuffle_files=training, download_and_prepare_kwargs=download_and_prepare_kwargs) (dataset07), _ = tfds.load("voc/2007", split=split, with_info=True, data_dir=data_dir, shuffle_files=training, download_and_prepare_kwargs=download_and_prepare_kwargs) dataset = dataset12.concatenate(dataset07) else: dataset, infos = tfds.load("voc/2007", split=split, with_info=True, data_dir=data_dir, shuffle_files=training, download_and_prepare_kwargs=download_and_prepare_kwargs) voc_labels = infos.features['labels'].names dataset = (dataset .map(lambda x: _filter_labels(x, labels, voc_labels)) .map(_filter_difficult_labels) .filter(remove_empty_objects)) num_samples = get_dataset_length(dataset) return dataset, labels, num_samples
def _filter_labels(sample, labels_of_interest, voc_labels): objects = sample['objects'] labels_indices = [voc_labels.index(label) for label in labels_of_interest] labels_tensor = tf.constant(labels_indices, dtype=tf.int64) # Map label indices to indices in labels_of_interest def _map_labels(label): return tf.where(tf.equal(labels_tensor, label))[0][0] mask = tf.reduce_any(tf.equal(objects['label'][:, tf.newaxis], labels_indices), axis=1) mapped_labels = tf.map_fn(_map_labels, objects['label'][mask], fn_output_signature=tf.int64) # Filter the object to include only the objects of interest filtered_objects = { 'bbox': objects['bbox'][mask], 'is_difficult': objects['is_difficult'][mask], 'is_truncated': objects['is_truncated'][mask], 'label': mapped_labels, 'pose': objects['pose'][mask] } sample['labels'] = filtered_objects['label'] sample['labels_no_difficult'] = filtered_objects['is_difficult'] sample['objects'] = filtered_objects return sample def _filter_difficult_labels(sample): objects = sample['objects'] mask = tf.math.logical_not(sample['labels_no_difficult']) # Filter the 'objects' with is_difficult is False filtered_objects = { 'bbox': objects['bbox'][mask], 'label': objects['label'][mask], } new_sample = { 'image': sample['image'], 'objects': filtered_objects } return new_sample def _check_zip_files(data_path): zip_files = [ "VOC2012test.tar", "VOCtest_06-Nov-2007.tar", "VOCtrainval_06-Nov-2007.tar", "VOCtrainval_11-May-2012.tar" ] for zip_file in zip_files: zip_path = os.path.join(data_path, zip_file) if not os.path.exists(zip_path): raise FileNotFoundError( f"Zip file {zip_file} not found in the specified data_path. " "Data can be downloaded at" )