Source code for akida.concat

from akida.core import (Layer, ConcatParams, ActivationsParams)

[docs]class Concat(Layer): """Concatenates its inputs along the last dimension It takes as input a list of tensors, all of the same shape except for the last dimension, and returns a single tensor that is the concatenation of all inputs. It accepts as inputs either potentials or activations. It can perform an activation on the concatenated output with its own set of activation parameters and variables. Args: name (str, optional): name of the layer. activation (bool, optional): enable or disable activation function. threshold (int, optional): threshold for neurons to fire or generate an event. act_step (float, optional): length of the potential quantization intervals. act_bits (int, optional): number of bits used to quantize the neuron response. """ def __init__(self, name="", activation=True, threshold=0, act_step=1, act_bits=1): try: params = ConcatParams( ActivationsParams(activation, threshold, act_step, act_bits)) # Call parent constructor to initialize C++ bindings # Note that we invoke directly __init__ instead of using super, as # specified in pybind documentation Layer.__init__(self, params, name) except: self = None raise